Renovation Loans

Renovation Loans

Thinking of making improvements to your home?

Whatever project you had in mind – be it upgrading your bathroom or landscaping your backyard, we have access to fast, competitive finance options to help fund these home improvements. Any structural or cosmetic improvements made to your property may add additional value to your home while providing you with more comfort and enjoyment.

Thinking of making improvements to your investment property?

If you are looking to make any changes to your investment property – be it upgrading the bathroom or making structural improvements, we have access to fast, competitive finance options to help fund these home improvements. Structural or cosmetic improvements made to your property may be adding additional value to your home while providing your tenants with more comfort and overall enjoyment. In addition, these improvements will generally see increased marketability and higher rental income.

Guiding you through the process

If you’re thinking about making home improvements, we’re here to help. The Time Home Loans team is renowned for making complicated things simple. Let us simplify your home loan so you can save more or pay off your loan faster.

Steps to Refinancing Your Home Loan

Step 1: Determine capacity for refinancing

The first step is to evaluate your capacity to refinance your existing home loan and consolidate your other debt.

Step 2: Get your property revalued

As soon as your property is revalued, you will have a clear indication as to what amount of equity you can tap into (if any).

By chatting to a Time Home Loans broker about your future plans, we can help you assess whether the equity you have can help make these plans a reality. We can also help you assess if refinancing is the best move forward for you.

Step 3: What’s currently on offer?

If you decide that refinancing your home loan is the best move forward, we will investigate the details of your current loan. We’ll look into what rates your current lender has on offer in the market and compare to the rates you are paying.

If you can get a better deal with your current lender, this is always an advantage as you do not have to worry about changing accounts or going through a new application process. If your current lender or bank doesn’t seem to have a better option for you, you have every right to shop around and find another lender who can meet your current needs.

That’s where the Time Home Loans team shines. We love ensuring that our clients have access to the best opportunities for their situation. We’ll take care of re-negotiating with your current lender. If we think you can get a better deal elsewhere, we’ll look around on your behalf while you focus on the things that are important to you.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every one of your repayments goes further and is a better repayment in future. With over 30 lenders at our fingertips, we have plenty of options to help make this a reality.

Step 4: Ongoing client care – The Time Home Loans difference

At every step of the way, we will communicate with you and let you know what we have found. Our ultimate aim is to ensure you end up in a better position than when you started. The decision to move to another lender or to refinance with your current lender is a big one.

That’s why, with Time Home Loans, the process won’t just stop once you make the decision to refinance your loan or not. We can offer you ongoing care by re-evaluating your loan status on a yearly basis. We’ll make sure the offer you’ve received is still competitive on the market or at least competitive with what the bank is offering to the market at that given time.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. We take pride in our ability to care and keep a personalised connection with you throughout this process and, we’ll make sure you’re paying as little as possible while securing you a better outcome.

But where to start? We can help you weigh it all up.

Research and having the right people to help you are the keys when refinancing your property for a home renovation.

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