Home Loan Pre Approval

If you have been looking at buying property, you need a pre-approval to make sure you don’t miss out.

A pre-approval gets all the paperwork out of the way, removes the uncertainty of whether you can afford the property or not, and lets you get on with the important part of finding the right property to buy
A pre-approval is essentially the lender confirming that you meet the criteria for a home loan with them, subject to valuation and possibly Lenders Mortgage Insurance approval.
Our team will help you get together everything you need in order to apply for a home loan with confidence
Home Loan Pre Approval

Some of the advantages of a pre-approval


How much should I get pre-approved for?

It is recommended that you get pre-approved for the absolute most you would ever consider to borrow. You can always borrow less but if you end up requiring more than the pre-approval, the whole assessment process needs to start again.

Is a pre-approval unconditional finance approval?

A pre-approval is not unconditional approval. To be unconditional the lender generally needs to order a valuation on the property to confirm that it is acceptable security to them. What documents do I need for pre-approval? We will need all the documents that would normally be required for a home loan application.

What documents are required?

Some lenders require other documentation. We will advise you what is required when discussing home loan options with you.

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