Interest Rates On The Rise

2021 was a record year for lending with Australians borrowing more on housing than any other year on record. Many economists are now saying that they believe lending frenzy has likely peaked as borrowers are now seeing a return to higher interest rates.
APRA Increases Servicing Buffer

APRA Increases Servicing Buffer

There has been much discussion in the media around APRAs increasing the servicing buffer. But what is it – and how does it impact you?
COVID-19 & Your Loan

Covid-19 & Your Home Loan

COVID-19 has turned most people’s lives upside down. Many have been impacted or had their businesses closed and at this stage, all advice points to it staying this way for some time to come.

Interest Rate Update

Interest Rate Update 7th Dec 2021

Rates are at a record low and lenders continue to offer very competitive rates.

Help After the Fires

Bushfires have devastated communities across Australia, but help is flooding in from business, government and individuals. Big banks and small lenders have been quick to

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Bathroom Renovations

Stretch your bathroom budget without breaking it If you’re looking to renovate or redecorate your bathroom there are lots of ways to get a great

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Spring Update

As everyone awakes from winter hibernation, many people’s thoughts turn to selling or buying a home in spring. It’s no surprise. The sun starts shining,

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Kitchen Renos

When it comes to buying a house, the kitchen is one of the most important features home buyers take into consideration. If your kitchen is

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Think Local

While you’re getting your head around the macro, don’t lose sight of the micro. Median house prices can vary greatly from suburb to suburb. Here’s

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