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If you own a property, there’s a likelihood that you might have untapped equity in that property. Many Brisbane home owners don’t often realise all the options that are available for using that equity to generate more wealth. That’s where our team of specialist mortgage brokers and our partnered financial planners come in. We have helped a number of Brisbane homeowners like yourself, leverage their equity and create more wealth.

If you own a property and would like to explore how you can leverage it’s equity to create more wealth, chat with our friendly team today!

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    The biggest barrier to creating more wealth is that people often lack the knowledge of how to do so. Another barrier is that many homeowners don’t understand what they can do with their equity. It is possible to use their equity to diminish bad debt or expand good debt for tax purposes though many homeowners don’t know how to do this. Using equity to build passive income is another opportunity for leveraging assets and building financial wealth.

    At Time Home Loans, we understand that it can be quite difficult to learn about these wealth creation strategies. Especially as there is so much information available and you don’t really know where to start! That’s why our experienced mortgage brokers partner with financial planners and take the time to walk each of our clients through the entire process from both angles. We start by helping you understand how you can use your property’s equity to fast track your wealth building activities.

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    We will also sit with you and compare the rates you pay on your mortgage with other rates available on the market to ensure that you have access to the best deal for your situation. Being educated is the predecessor to successful wealth building.

    No matter which road you choose to take on your journey to wealth creation, we’ll support you every step of the way. We are passionate about educating people like yourself on how you can use the opportunities available to build more wealth.

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      Your home is more than just a safe haven. If you have even a small loan against it, why not consider options of how you can use this property to put you in a better position in future? It’s a very similar concept to how you build wealth using your income and superannuation account. You can use your property to gain capital that can be used in future to experience better financial balance in your life.

      If you own a house or property in Brisbane and are interested in the opportunity to leverage and build more wealth, book an appointment with one of our friendly mortgage brokers or our partnered financial planners today.

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