Car & Equipment Loans

Car & Equipment Loans

Car & Equipment Loans

At Time, we offer a wide choice of tailored vehicle and equipment financing solutions and go to great lengths to give the financing that’s right for you. With competitive rates and flexible terms…we find the best finance that suits you or your business, saving you time and money. Book your free review with us online today to see how we can help you.

Tailored Finance Solutions

We offer a range of vehicle and equipment finance options for personal or business use. With a Time loan, you may be able to access 100% finance without needing a deposit or additional security.

We can find you competitive vehicle or equipment finance interest rates, and offer flexible repayment structures to suit your needs. We understand your profession and know how busy you are, so our hassle-free process allows you to take delivery quickly.

  • Loan repayments to suit your cash-flow

  • Structured loan options including car finance lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgages and novated lease

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Fixed terms of up to five years

  • Finance available for both new and used vehicles

  • Loans can be structured with or without balloon payments

  • Option to finance for business or private use

  • Can be structured for an individual, company or trust

  • Low doc options available for those entities with a strong asset base for car loans, commercial vehicles and equipment leasing.

Equipment Finance

If you are operating a business, you should wherever possible look to preserve your cash flow for working operations. Business operators often find it necessary to purchase equipment to use in the running of the business. Instead of using your own cash flow to purchase these types of assets consider using Healthy Loans to source and obtain this specialised type of funding for you.

Equipment finance should always be structured based on the lifecycle of that asset in your business. We will work closely with your Accountant and other advisors to structure the finance to ensure that the repayments are matched with your taxation planning strategy. Arranging equipment finance for any business asset is something that is usually very quick and simple and you are under no compulsion to obtain from your main trading bank.

If you have been in business for more than 2 years and own a house you may be able to get your finance approved with one of our lenders within 2 hours without needing to provide any tax returns or financial statements. How does that compare with your bank ?

Vehicle Finance

Whether you are looking for a car for business or personal use Healthy Loans have specialised accreditation with several lenders to make the process of financing a car a straight forward and fast process.

We can obtain various types of finance such as Personal Loans, Novated Leasing, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase and Equipment Loans. We have particular expertise and capability in arranging finance for business use for established business that are either purchasing new vehicles or upgrading to a new model.

In many cases we can arrange business finance without the need to produce your financial reports or tax returns to help save lots of time. With our services you may find we can arrange the finance quicker than you can get it from your own bank!

Business Owners

Asset & Equipment Finance

It’s a common question for small business owners; how do you get your hands on the equipment you need to grow, while still keeping the all-important cash flow and working capital at healthy levels?

Choosing the right asset and equipment finance can give you further benefits than just preserving your day-to-day funds:

  • Assets and equipment can generate immediate income

  • Finance can help preserve working capital

  • Fixed repayments may give you the ability to budget more accurately

  • The asset secures the loan, in which case you don’t have to lock up your property security which can be preserved for future finance such as working capital

  • There may be potential tax advantages to consider

What can be financed?

Any asset, plant or equipment that can help generate income for your business may be able to be financed, and can include:

  • Motor vehicles

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Plant and machinery

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Solar power equipment

  • Computers, photocopiers and phone systems

  • Medical and dental equipment

  • Office equipment

  • General business equipment

  • Internal fit-outs

If you'd like to discuss your options, we're here to help

We can work through your options with you to find the loan type that matches your business and/or personal needs.

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