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Teaching your kids how to manage money.

Helping your kids get a handle on money can set them up with good habits that last forever.It’s no surprise to learn that the younger you start teaching kids about money – how it works and how to manage it – the better prepared they are for the...

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What does the recession mean for you?

Australia has gone into recession for the first time in 28 years. What effect could it have on you?Australia has had a very good run when it comes to continued economic growth. Twenty-eight years without a recession is a record achievement, with...

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JobKeeper, home loan holidays and mortgage stress.

JobKeeper, home loan holidays and mortgage stress: What happens next?If you are experiencing mortgage stress, now’s the time to get on the front foot with your lender. As your mortgage broker, we can help you prepare and plan for the...

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HomeBuilder, what you need to know

HomeBuilder, what you need to know.If you have been thinking about building a new home or carrying out an extension or renovation, now might be the time to meet with an AFG broker and work through your options.The Federal Government’s new $680...

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How we can help manage your mortgage in the crisis.

How we can help manage your mortgage in the crisis.In this time of economic instability, we know that jobs and mortgages are of the highest concern to you, the Government and the lenders. With things changing on a daily basis, we’re perfectly...

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Here is how I can help right now

Here is how I can help right nowAs we all adapt to the COVID-19 situation, I’m set up to help you now over the phone and with a range of online tools and calculators to support you through these difficult times.Here’s some questions I can help...

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Helping clients through COVID-19

Helping clients through COVID-19As the world grapples with the unfolding COVID-19 situation, I wanted to let you know we are committed to helping our clients through what will likely be difficult and challenging times ahead.To help you navigate...

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